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Escaping Oblivion

Coping 2 Thriving 

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Meet the Artist 


Mental Health Advocate 

Hello, I'm Tilly, the owner & operator of “Escaping Oblivion". This business venture was initially curated as a platform for selling my artwork created while experiencing states of mania and severe anxiety. I felt hopeless & alone on my mental health journey, so I expanded my vision & purpose beyond my emotion- so that others wouldn't feel so alone during their battles with mental illness. Art went from being something I had an innate niche for, into something that I relied on for healing; and a means of escape from the conscious realm. Shortly after creating "Escaping Oblivion" a new journey of holistic healing began for me. It was at this time the heart to become an advocate birthed, as I was intentional with my healing process. I believe you must bring your entire being to the table if you want to thrive above today’s unpredictability; living your truth in this world is vital to growth. My truth has led me on this path of healing with you. Since launching, Escaping Oblivion has built astronomical momentum, and quickly gained a following from individuals who seek truth, and accountability for the part we play in our own suffering and healing. As I know the hand we're dealt isn't always ideal, I can assure you there is a light at the end of the tunnel after years lost to trauma & mental health issues. You can still create a beautiful reality and thrive into your purpose of life and destiny-in which you deserve. Thank you for patronizing my site. See what I’ve been up to, browse my sold art gallery, & check out a couple of the commissioned pieces. Explore and learn about my passions, as well as Mental Health resources & alternative healing & therapy options that may suit and assist you on your journey of healing.


Where Art Meets Mental Health

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